Madhuban by Manubhai

Madhubani Choker set

Rs. 1,316,124
Adding charm to our coveted Madhubani Collection, this set of choker necklace and hanging earrings features floral motifs and designs that have been inspired by the beauty of the Madhubani forests.
Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen descending from a long generation of royal jewellery artists and specialising in traditional jewellery-making techniques, this set features intricate Red Takkar Kundan, a form of jewellery making that involves setting precious gemstones with a gold foil between the stone and the mount. Using 22K gold to ensure that the stone stays input, this set is ideal for elaborate events and functions.
Depicting the forests of the famous Madhubans, this set speaks of the history and culture that we are known for around the world.

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