brides of madhuban

Nataša Stanković - Polki Princess bride

Hardik Pandya and Nataša exchanged renewed marriage vows, creating a dream-like reality in the company of their loved ones, resembling a fairytale.

She wanted to be an Indian Gujarati - bride. Take her vows in the colour of love, she exclaims, 'Living My Dream!' ❤️


Brides of Madhuban

Meadows of green & gold

Shreya is an individual who loves to explore outside her comfort zone. Having a bent for aesthetics and traditions, she always finds something worth to bring to the table.
Contemporary yet balanced, there is something specific about her personality which distinguishes her from the rest. An artisan, an avid reader and a persevering person, devotes her passion to various out of the box activities.
On her wedding day, everyone swooned over her intimate Spring, South Indian wedding style & she looked breathtaking.
This story is about Shreya Shetty, a bride of Madhuban by Manubhai.

Brides of Madhuban

Smiles anchored offshores

Stunning doesn't begin to describe this Bride of Madhuban. Exuding elegance and radiance across countries and how!

Brides of Madhuban

Scintillating Red of Royalty

Radiating charismatic royal queen-like aura though Golden Jharokha of love


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