Madhuban by Manubhai

Falaknuma Choker

Rs. 502,100
Handcrafted by Kaarigars around India descending from generations of royal artisans, this royal set of necklace and earrings borrows design inspiration from the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. Adding warmth to the cool pink tones, the set echoes the hues of a clear evening sky, becoming part of our Falaknuma Collection, meaning ‘Like the sky’ in Urdu.
Exhibiting eye-catching rubies and complementary South Sea Pearls, the designs add a contemporary touch to an otherwise traditional art of Polki setting. Set against 18K gold foil without wax, the uncut diamonds exude raw lustre that adds charm to the rubies.
Having undergone months of meticulous designing and creating, this set holds numerous stories in each motif that only add to the timelessness of the pieces. Besides adding strength and class to a traditional garb, the earrings can also add power and charm to formal contemporary wear.

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