Madhuban by Manubhai

Falaknuma Choker

Rs. 644,670
Specially handcrafted with rubies and South Sea pearls, this staple from our Falaknuma Collection instantly grabs all the attention, owing to its rich colours and reflective gemstones. The hues of pinks and purples in the set brings to mind the colours of the sunset, perfectly encapsulating the meaning of Falaknuma, ‘Mirror of Sky’.
Put together using the traditional Rajasthani art of Polki in an open setting, the uncut diamonds set in the jewellery have been used in their raw form, held together against gold foil without wax for a weightless feel when worn.
Ideal for traditional outfits with deeper necklines, this choker-style necklace, or Galabandh, beautifully complements shades of the pink family as well as contrasts such as the cool blue and green tones.

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