Madhuban by Manubhai

Mughal Garden Necklace Set

Rs. 1,579,079
A colorful addition to our regal Mughal Garden collection, this necklace and earrings set flaunts mesmerizing Pink Morganite stones that beautifully compliment the real Polki used in this set.
Practicing a craft known only to the few artisans who have descended from generations of royal court artisans, the closed setting polki set has been set in 18K gold foils around each stone. The unique Lotus motifs feature Coral stones that have been dipped in oil overnight and then crushed in the morning to create enamel. The back of these motifs also flaunts Bikaneri Meenakari designs that add to the maximalism prevalent through royal jewellery designs.
Adding a modern touch to this traditional set are authentic South Sea Pearls that make for an interesting combination of the shades of pink, white, and gold.

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