Madhuban by Manubhai

Mughal Garden Necklace set

Rs. 2,006,469
A statement piece from our Mughal Garden Collection, this luxurious set of necklace and hanging earrings has borrowed its inspiration from the grandeur and magnificence of royal Mughal gardens.
Using the age-old technique of Bandh Meenakari or Bandh Meena Khaka that was popular in the artworks of Mughals, this set uses opaque ivory stones to depict the serenity of the gardens. The heavy necklace design has been crafted like a traditional Madaliya, enhanced by small Amulet hangings that keep away Nazar or the Evil Eye. The jewellery pieces have been made in 22K gold, allowing it hold the stonework and Meenakari in place.
Owing to the heavy work done by skilled craftsmen from around India, this set is ideal for wedding and related events, especially for those close to the bride or groom.

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