Madhuban by Manubhai

Darya Noor 22k Necklace set

Rs. 1,385,617
Borrowing inspiration from the mesmerizing sparkle that is created when the rays of the sun touch serene seas, this set of necklaces and earrings are a part of our regal Darya Noor Collection.
The Darya in the name stands for the South Sea Pearls that hang at the bottom of the designs while the Noor symbolizes hand-cut White Sapphires that are made and set in Jaipur by skilled artisans. The green Takkar Kundan in the necklace has been complemented with Hira Kanthi chains, with rows alternating between gold and Green Emeralds. The bluestone-like hangings, inspired by the colour of the oceans, are stones dipped in Meenakari to enhance the intricate Blue Meenakari work in the pendant and the earrings. This blue Meenakari work has been done in Bikaner, by artisans who are skilled in the ways of the royal jewellers.
The Darya Noor collection, and this set, have been designed to make it ideal for both day and night events!

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