Darya Noor 22K bridal set

Rs. 1,568,448
A royal edition to our Darya Noor collection, this set of necklace and hanging earrings has been inspired by the shine that is created when the sun’s rays touch the calm waters of the sea or ocean.
Handcrafted by artisans specialising in the craft of traditional jewellery making, this set features the intricate shading of deep blue and green Meenakari motifs that depict the beauty of calm waters. The use of heavy 22K gold designs embedded with hand cut white sapphires makes for the illuminated rays of the sun against the waters. The hanging South Sea pearls only add to the serenity of the look.
Perfect for special traditional events, this heavy jewellery set is crafted in such a way that it catches and disperses light against its stones in different directions, instantly catching the eye of all passing by.

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