Madhuban by Manubhai

Amer Choker

Rs. 829,850
Borrowing inspiration from the royal jewellery designs of the Mughal era, this regal set of necklace and matching earrings is part of our esteemed Amer collection that unifies traditional craft with modern designs.
Intricately handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from all over India, these pieces flaunt a closed setting polki design that is both traditional and authentic in style. Complementing that are the pink semi precious rubies and real South Sea Pearls that only add to the charisma of the set. Offering a nod to great craftsmanship is the exquisite Meenakari work at the back of the jewellery pieces that use colours and designs like never before.
Breaking the monotony of the pink rubies and gold foil used in the polki are the blue tourmaline stones holding together the pearls. The bright and contrasting colours used in this set are sure to catch the eyes of all at every occasion.

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